Public Service Announcement

Prepared by the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)

August 22, 2005
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Nigerian 419 scheme taking advantage of recent London bombings

The FBI has become aware of spam e-mail fraudulently claiming to be from Mr. James Tatum, Director/CEO of Cumberland Valley National Bank in London, England. The e-mail is a version of the Nigerian 419 scheme in which mass e-mail is sent containing the information a specified person has died in a high profile tragedy, in this case the London Bombings. The e-mail continues with directions on how the recipient can claim money the person left behind at the specified Bank, Cumberland Valley National Bank in this scenario.

This e-mail is a hoax. Do not respond.

Other natural disasters Nigerian 419 schemes have attempted to capitalize include: Asian Tsunami December 26, 2005; September 11, 2001; and various airplane crashes to name a few.

If you have received this, or a similar hoax, please file a complaint at