Public Service Announcement

Prepared by the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)

March 30, 2006
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Cashier's Check Scam Purporting to be From UNICEF Targeting Bed and Breakfast Establishments Throughout the United States

Recently, there has been a rash of e-mails sent to Bed and Breakfast establishments through out the United States purporting to be from a UNICEF representative in Ghana. The e-mails request reservations and are followed-up with cashier's checks postmarked from Massachusetts. This mimics the usual cashier's check scam due to the following:

  • The cashier's checks are in excess of the amounts due.
  • The checks are postmarked within the United States.
  • The subject requests the remainder be wired to another individual (i.e., travel agent to cover the air fare).

Be cautious when receiving a cashier's check in excess of the amount due. Also, when suspicious of an individual claiming to be a representative of a particular company, attempt to validate their status with that company.

If you have received this, or a similar hoax, please file a complaint at